Into unusual places…

The Lord will take us into unusual places…now and in the days ahead.  Directing our footsteps to stand with those in time of need.  Even though we may feel unequipped and unlikely, remember the One Who directs our paths upon this journey of Life.  His help, His hope given in time of need.  Walking in faith, even though our hearts are uncertain…pressing forward with hope in the foundation that we have a Father Who is Faithful and Loves us.  A time to step into trusting the Lord…not by our emotions, but by His Word. Walking into a new day, in faith not emotion…of everything that we have been prepared for on our journey to eternity.    God is faithful.

Psalm 121 – MSG

A Pilgrim Song
    I look up to the mountains; does my strength come from mountains?
No, my strength comes from God,
who made heaven, and earth, and mountains.3-4 He won’t let you stumble,
your Guardian God won’t fall asleep.
Not on your life! Israel’s
Guardian will never doze or sleep.

5-6 God’s your Guardian,
right at your side to protect you—
Shielding you from sunstroke,
sheltering you from moonstroke.
7-8 God guards you from every evil,
he guards your very life.
He guards you when you leave and when you return,
He guards you now, He guards you always.

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