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SpeakHope is an outreach of hope & restoration…restoring from broken to beautiful…understanding ‚Äúpredatory relationships,” bringing healing and hope to a generation at risk.

  • SpeakHope outreach brings mentoring and transformative care…understanding our worth, value, speaking hope, life, purpose, and destiny.

Redemptive Beauty Journal…available in soft cover.

This is the Redemptive Beauty Journalbringing healing to the layers of past traumas, pain, choices…our past is not our identity and does not define us… The Redemptive Beauty Journal can be used individually, one to one, or in small groups.

(Contact us) if you’d like a link to the eBook or you would like 5 or more copies, for small group or to give to another.

For more informationclick here – Redemptive Beauty Journal – Healing the Layers

SpeakHope Podcast – “Redemptive Beauty”

SpeakHope Podcast – “What is Redemptive Beauty?” (Part 1)

  • What if we could look back to look forward? We look back only to be healed and see our true destiny, calling, identity, worth, purpose, a fire and passion to live again.

  • What if we are no longer identified or are known by our mistakes, self inflicted wounds or the wounding of others?

  • What if we live in a place where the ashes of our life are truly washed away? A place where we feel peace and not torment of the past…or present.

“What is Redemptive Beauty?” (Part 2)

Hope Light

A Word can give Hope to the hopeless …can Heal the broken …can give Strength to the weak …can give Breath to the breathless …can give Life to the dead.  A Word can change the Destiny of a generation…a voice that will not be silenced…

We all have a story…some needing healing, some needing strengthened with direction into the path of God’s plan, new life, hope, and restoration.  Our past does not determine our future.

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…”it was always You…You found me…You call me Your own…

I’ve made up my mind…

I’m never going back.”