…unshakable identity…

For the past few days I’ve been talking with a young friend who is going through a difficult challenge facing rejection, persecution…and really just plain ugliness…even though this young friend has tried to reach out with kindness.

I’ve shared with my young friend that…the person who is speaking hurtful, ugly, unnecessary words is really just reflecting what’s in their heart.  It really has nothing to do with my young friend…she’s just the person who’s in the way of the venomous arrows of verbal infliction.

You know…the arrows the enemy places on people’s tongues that try to kill the heart, emotions…destiny of an individual.  These are the arrows that have been garnered usually one by one through hurt, disappointment, abuse…unforgiveness, suppressed anger, bitterness.  They spew out of mouths with point words that pierce or like those suction toy arrows that are hard to pull off.

It’s the Blood of Jesus and the Power of His Word that pulls the arrows off…and deflects them from even landing on us.

So…my friend is in a “teaching time”.  Choosing to learn to be unshakable.  Learning for the days ahead as persecution and darkness increases.  Praying, standing, confronting…sometimes hurting…forgiving…and then learning to speak blessings…life words that deflect and cancel…and love unconditionally the hurting and the lost…even the one who is try to oppress.

The person who offends is hurting and with each hurtful word the heart is being exposed.  The Light of Jesus in us…the Power of the Holy Spirit as we walk into a room…convicts.  But…as we stand in the, unshakable Love of Jesus, the knowledge of our Identity in Christ, His Love, His Care, His Acceptance, His Presence always with us…we will remain…unshakable.

In the days ahead, this generation will be prepared…more and more to remain…unshakable.  Piercing forward with the unshakable knowledge of who they/we are “in Christ”.  Even though defamed, accused unjustly, mocked, slandered, rejected, scorned, betrayed…persecuted…the remnant of this generation will remain…unshakable.

I have come to know this is what the Lord is doing in my own life…preparing through trials…and even testings through “shakable situations”.   Thankful when I see my response is “peace”…even when the situation or circumstance reflects no change…and even “seems” to worsen.

Not tested in all…but thankful that in recent days I’ve experienced the “unshakable in the knowledge of my Identity in Christ”…that fills my heart with His peace and love…in the midst.  I know that I continue to be in our Master’s School…preparing for the “tests” of the days ahead.

If you are going through a shakable trial…even today…allow the Lord to turn the arrows around and use His Mighty Hand to write the unshakable knowledge of your Identity in Christ…His unfailing Love for you…His Word…upon your heart.

Remain unshakable, friend, in these shakable times…one step at a time…strengthened, in the knowledge of the Power and Love of Jesus…Who will never leave you are abandon you…Who calls you more than an overcomer…Who sings over you…Who has come to save you…and Who is coming again.

Unshakable Truth when you are a Christian:

“You are Accepted”

You are a friend of Jesus                    John 15:15

You are adopted as God’s child         Ephesians 1:5   and   Psalm 27:10

You have been forgiven of all sins     Colossians 1:14 and I John 1:9

“You are Secure”

You are free from condemnation      Romans 8:1,2

You are a citizen of Heaven                 Philippians 3:20

You cannot be separated from God’s Love       Romans 8:35,39

“You are Significant”

You have been chosen             John 15:16

You can approach God with freedom      Ephesians 3:12

You can do all things through Jesus Christ     Philippians 4:13

Side Note: Remembering the story of Betsy and Corrie ten Boom.  Corrie, who survived months of imprisonment in concentrations camps during World War II because, as a Christian, she and her Dutch family provided refuge to Jews who were taken to be killed at the camps…often spoke of the “unshakable” knowledge of the love of Jesus Christ she saw reflected in the life of her sister, Betsy.

The “ten Boom” family did not have to “provide refuge” during this great time of injustice…but they knew the Lord had called Christians to this purpose.  How could they live, if they do not follow His Word.   Papa ten Boom, Betsy…and other family members died in the camps.

While Betsy died just days before Corrie’s release…Corrie tells the story of how she, Corrie, could not forgive…her heart was heavy for the injustice of the oppressor.  In the years after Corrie’s release…she did forgive…through the Love of Jesus.

Corrie tells the story of her sister, Betsy, who continued to forgive and to lean upon her “identity in Christ”…upon “her Master”…and was able to walk out her final days upon this earth…”behind barb wires, oppressed, mocked, persecuted, at the point of death… but free in Christ”.

Corrie said that when Betsy died…there was a glow about her while she laid in the room in the concentration camp…as the Glory of the Lord seemed to be around her…she even regained her youthful appearance…even in death.

A reflection of her identity in Christ and His…Unshakable Love.

2 thoughts on “…unshakable identity…

  1. Ain’t that the truth… And I would definately say that the story or Corrie and Betsy is an encouraging and convicting one all at once. 🙂

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