Where babies run free…

I was inside the house today, when one of my daughter’s ran inside and said, “Mom, there’s a baby outside.  It looks like it’s lost.  It was walking down the side-walk and came right to our house.”

I said, “I will be right there.”   As I was walking out, I thought, “Lord…this is just like You.  Just as you send babies to the Pregnancy Center…inside of their mothers wombs…babies outside of the womb are also drawn by You to places of safety…as we pray.”

As I came outside, I saw my daughters playing with the toddler and talking to her.  The little girl found a safe place and two young women who were watching out for her…strategically placed by God, in the front of our house…at the right time.

My daughters could see the little girl just needed someone to “speak up” for her and take her back safely…returning her to the loving arms of her parents.

Nothing is a coincidence, in God…as He calls us to protect babies, inside and out….in places where babies roam free…

Oh…one more thing.  This precious little girl was taken to her Mom and Dad who joyfully embraced her.  She just wanted to visit new friends that she sensed loved babies, loved Jesus…and loved life!

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