"So the hopeless have hope and injustice shuts its mouth" – Job 5:16

SpeakHope Home

A Word can give Hope to the hopeless …can Heal the broken …can give Strength to the weak …can give Breath to the breathless …can give Life to the dead.

A Word can change the Destiny of a generation. …a voice that will not be silenced…

Hope Light

SpeakHope is an outreach of hope & restoration…” Restoring from broken to beautiful…understanding “predatory relationships” and a generation at risk.

Loved Project – Mentoring and transformative care…healing and bringing to a place of hope, life, purpose, and destiny.  Understanding we all have a story…some needing healing, some needing strengthened with directed into the path of God’s plan and restoration.  Our past does not determine our future.

*Listen to “SpeakHope Radio” in the New Orleans & Northshore (Louisiana) area on 91.3FM from 10A & 2PM everyday.

…”it was always You…You found me…You call me Your own…

I’ve made up my mind…

I’m never going back.”

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